"Where did you get this? " is a question Ingrid was always asked when spotted wearing her own handmade jewelry and accessories while studying Industrial design in Andes University in her hometown Bogota. And as a result, she began selling her own pieces. After graduation, she decided to learn the technique of making leather goods in the Arts and Handcrafts School of Santo Domingo. It was these two years of hand-creating products that convinced her she wanted to spend a lifetime with handcraft, revive Colombian techniques and traditions that were being lost, and empower these artisans through design.

Her first collection of handbags were nominated for the most prestigious design award in Colombia ¨Lapiz de Acero ¨ in 2008 and her first and second jewelry collections were awarded by Artesanias de Colombia with the renowned handcraft design awards ¨Traza Artesanal¨ as the ¨Best Jewelry Design¨, ¨Best Handcraft Design Product¨ and ¨Best Application of the Techniques¨ in 2009 and 2010.

In 2011 she was awarded a scholarship to complete a Masters in Accessories Design at the Domus Academy, Milan Italy. During her tenure, her thesis project won a competition sponsored by the luxury brand Dodo by Pomellato, and soon after the company bought her project and offered an internship, which later turned into a full employment in Milan and Hong Kong.

In 2016 she came back to revive her dream - restarting her own label: Studio Ingrid Burgos, a 100% handcraft design label dedicated to designing, developing, producing and promoting contemporary jewelry, handbags and footwear using Colombian handcraft techniques in non-conventional ways.

The heart of the brand is it's own workshop and design studio located in Bogota, Colombia where Ingrid works with an amazing team of artisans to research, create, and produce new pieces, finding new applications for Colombian techniques and contemporary accessories technologies. The entire portfolio of the brand is made by hand in this very studio.

Ingrid's main inspiration is Colombia and she believes that ¨the concept is the soul of a product¨ . This is the essence of the brand and each and every piece of every collection has a unique concept that is rooted in Colombian stories and traditions, charged with emotion and painstakingly created using Colombian techniques. 


Ingrid believes that Accessories are a way to personalize who you are and Accessories give you the power to feel unique. Each of her products is one-of-a-kind, crafted by hand and fun to experience, making it always " Bueno for you " !